Hello. It's Me.

Hello. It's Me.

Ladies and gentleman,

I have decided to start a blog. Well, I do feel like this will be more of a place to spew my thoughts… more like a journal than a blog in some ways... but as it will be public to you, my friends and fellow adventurers, let’s stick with “blog” for now.

Here's the thing—I can’t make promises that I will be providing good advice on here, or that I will refrain from run-on sentences. I also can’t promise that the thoughts that I put onto this virtual paper will be of use in ANY way, shape or form to you. However, as my life becomes an unpredictable series of events/ possible messes and I follow dreams that may or may not be mutual, I thought this could be a good place to house:

  • Things that I learn

  • Weird stories that I have

  • Inspiration that I find/ can offer

  • Posts about life’s inconsistencies or beauty (positive and negative)

  • Possibly a useful tidbit or two

Please note that entries will most likely be written after midnight on a school night and may contain explicit language. C’mon, I think we can all forgive a misspelling or a “b word” or two if there is something more important that can be taken away, am I right?

So, without further adieu, here I am! In the flesh and 49ers PJs, saying “Hello. How are you? It’s so typical of me to talk about myself... I’m sorry.”

Talk soon, friends.