Run to keep up

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Underground Industry reviews "Run" 

"I am truly honored at the fact that I received this submission via Submit Hub.  I've found so much talent over the course of the month & Rebecca Peters is one of the talented artists that I am glad I discovered.  Her visual for "Run" is awesome, and to top it off her vocals are amazing.  I can tell she puts a lot of effort into her work and gives her all 100%.  We need more artists like this that aren't afraid to take that risk, and do what they are destined for."

"She Runs" by Sacramento News & Review

“What Do You Want?” combines Peters’ naturally soulful, deep and sultry vocals with sparse, ethereal instrumentation. And “Run,” the new single, showcases haunting three-part vocal harmonies, powerful drums, unusual dynamics, intricate layers and Joe Kye’s violin. This is the start of Peters as a cinematic artist, ditching any soul, R&B or folk limitations.

Alfitude features "Run"

"Beautifully dark voice."

Sunset In The Rearview Provides Flattering Comparison

"[Rebecca] reminds me quite a bit of Florence + the Machine with her powerful vocals, emotional lyrics and rich instrumentals. If there’s any artist a new indie singer-songwriter wants to be compared to on the market, Florence might be the one; that’s a powerful endorsement that I wouldn’t throw around lightly."