Exploring putting pen to paper in her elementary school years, Rebecca found that writing allowed her to feel purpose. She began writing stories about kittens (of course) in kindergarten, which quickly transitioned to poetry about life by the 5th grade. Although her parents were a bit concerned about her prematurely-deep soul, little did they know that this–combined with her love to dance and sing on tables–would lead to a fulfilling career as a songwriter.

Rebecca began combining melody with her words in 2009, and it is all history.



Rebecca discontinued her time at a wonderful full-time job in advertising because music would creep into her mind during her 40+ hours creating for other people, and say hello, but she would not have time to answer. She asked herself "Hey Rebecca, what do you love most?" Her answer continuously was "Well, music of course," and here we are.

Rebecca now spends each day writing, playing, recording and thinking of what she loves most. All of her ideas are becoming concrete materials to demonstrate her love to all of you.



As much as this question is daunting, Rebecca finds it incredibly beautiful and inspiring to think of the possibilities. Ideally, she would love to be writing, recording and playing whenever possible, with as many people as possible and in many places as possible.

In May of 2016 and following the release of her single "Run," Rebecca relocated to Los Angeles to learn about how to make this a reality.

This next year is sure to be a wild, unpredictable ride. You are welcome to join as she runs toward the unknown.