During her time learning to live within the parameters of real life, Rebecca realized that sometimes simply surviving is difficult and the scales are not always in your favor. She has learned that heartbreak exists and that it does not only occur due to a failed relationship or loss, but can also result from the mere revealing of truth. She has learned that the process of making, and playing, music helps. 

Ever since she came to this realization, no one could pry her away from melody and the creation of music in order to show others that this is the case.

Rebecca has won several songwriting and talent competitions in Northern California including the Vacaville Singer-Songwriter Competition and the Davis' Got Talent Competition. In 2014, Rebecca was a finalist in the Sacramento Has Talent Competition, and in 2015 as well as 2016, Rebecca was nominated in the Singer-Songwriter category in the Sacramento News & Review sponsored SAMMIES awards.

Although she is proud how far she has come as an artist, she is even more proud of her journey as a person and where it is leading her. She would love to have you join her as her journey continues.